Digital Twin

Digital Education

  •   Using VR and AR technologies , the solution would allow students to use vitual labs / Vitual libraries, It's interactive and enjoyable to travel in the Virtual learning world for learners. It increases students' visualization. From the first day, the teacher can start teaching. It is so simple. Research shows VR increases student's interest in learning. It makes many hard topics easy by 360-degree realistic view.
Interactive Museums, Corporate Exp Centers, Research & Development, Digital Heritage Centers
  • Museums are no longer a collection of exhibits with some information for visitors to read from. museum curators can now deliver an interactive experience that is truly extraordinary, combined with the right technology and creative content.
  • Corporate Experience Centres is another key segment. These centres highlight the history and key achievements of the organization and its leadership. A unique way to share the Company's vision, mission and goals.
Customer Experience
  • Retail - Logistics - eCommerce & Marketing
  • AR & VR has completely changed the modes of interaction with the Customers. AR is a key part of this revolution. It has been observed that the brands have recognized the game changing abilities of introducing AR into their Pre-Sales, Point of Sales and Post sale support operations. AR enhances practical elements of Personalized marketing, Sales and Technical Support.
Digital Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Digitize what you make and revolutionize how you make it. Smart VR solutions to created 3D models and hyper-realistic modelling. Virtually look and feel before sending out to 3D print or manufacture.